Boomi-Solace Reference Architecture for Telecommunications

October 24, 2019

Communications service providers have a new way to modernize and transform their operations for next-gen networks.

Boomi and Solace provide event-driven integration that makes it far easier and more cost-effective for telecom operators to support the exponential growth of mobile devices, evolve their existing IT systems, and drive new revenues with emerging technologies like IoT, AI, blockchain and 5G.

Why Boomi and Solace?

Enterprise Connectivity

  • Dramatically cut the time and cost of integration
  • Implement integration projects in days or weeks, not months
  • Accelerate business speed and agility
  • Gain real-time insights across the business
  • Reorient core business processes around the customer
  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • Flexibly scale and adapt to business needs

Pure Cloud

  • No hardware to install or maintain
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Predictable usage-based pricing
  • Single-instance, multi-tenant architecture
  • Accessible from any browser

Real-Time Events

  • Guaranteed messaging and event distribution
  • Scalability to millions of connections
  • Elastic capacity and burst handling
  • Built-in fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery
  • Support for open protocols, including AMQP, JMS, MQTT, REST

"ESBs, IPaaS, IoT and event-driven IT are converging. Boomi and Solace are the perfect digital transformation journey partners, combining to form the world’s first cloud-native, event-driven and enterprise-grade integration platform."

— Denis King, Chief Operating Officer, Solace

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