Using AI to Discover, Catalog, and Analyze Data at Scale

March 17, 2020

Enterprises today need to find, organize, and analyze data at scale. The unified Boomi Platform lets them do just that, with data catalogs and AI insights.

A data catalog has emerged as must-have technology for enterprises interested in better managing vast collections of data in multiple locations and formats.

A data catalog provides an inventory of all data assets, along with context that enables data stewards, business analysts, data scientists, and other users to make the best use of these assets for extracting business value.

But as valuable as a data catalog is, it alone does not address the need for a simple, self-service data discovery tool. A static data catalog that lacks an in-depth understanding of the variety of data formats and sources addresses only a fraction of the data discovery problems facing enterprises today.

To create accurate recommendations for mappings of data sources and related objects, one must leverage methodologies such as machine learning (ML), natural language query, intelligent search, and graph-based relationship patterning.

What impact can the use of advanced AI and ML methodologies applied by Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation — available as part of the Boomi Platform – have on your business? The move by organizations to be data-driven means a much wider audience of analysts and decision-makers needs self-service discovery and use tools. For these business users, AI can replace a lack of technical knowledge, and can do in minutes what would typically take humans hours, or even days or weeks.

In this executive brief, you will learn:

  • How Boomi’s application of AI provides access to data without the need for code
  • How embedded AI in Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation provides recommendations, not merely black-box solutions
  • How Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation understands similarity across data sets
  • Explicitly what AI techniques Boomi applies to the different problems it solves
  • How AI in Boomi benefits your organization
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