In the Age of IT Complexity, Choose Simplicity

June 29, 2020 Kristina Avrionova

A recent survey of IT and business leaders by Vanson Bourne found that:

  • The biggest benefits that an organization sees from its modernization efforts is improved customer experience.
  • All transformation and innovation efforts are centered around the customer experience.
  • This is equally important to business and IT leaders.

The quest to deliver end-to-end customer journeys and experiences, however, necessitates master-level navigation of technologies and practices that makes information, interactions, and innovations flow faster.

But in these days of hybrid IT, with a myriad of applications and a nearly unmanageable volume of information, how do you take control of your data so you can make intelligent operational and strategic decisions while overcoming complexity and delivering on your digital ambitions?

The Boomi report "The State of Modernization, Transformation, and Innovation in the Digital Age," highlights these challenges facing organization across industries. Survey data shows:

  • Most organizations are struggling to modernize, transform, and innovate quickly enough, although they do know where they’d need to start and what technology and practices to invest in.
  • IT budgets and insufficient in-house skills are the biggest barriers and roadblocks.
  • Over 40% of organizations rely on custom integration development.
  • Over 35% of organizations use several solutions to migrate data to the cloud.

So in the age of IT complexity, choose simplicity. And the simple answer to overcoming key barriers to faster, more efficient digital transformation is Boomi.

Boomi offers a modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that optimizes your technology stack. Boomi allows you to achieve the right balance — business sustainability and controlled IT spend — for improved processes and high ROI, ultimately speeding up your modernization efforts and accelerating your digital transformation.

Get your copy of “The State of Modernization, Transformation, and Innovation in the Digital Age” report to learn more about challenges organizations are facing, and how they are succeeding. 

The unified Boomi Platform allows you to manage your data with the right trust and agility. Its low-code, reusable, end-point agnostic integrations and APIs accelerate the movement of data across your organization's hybrid, multi-cloud landscape, and scales to meet your exploding volume of data.

Boomi allows you to reinvent your processes to drive value across your organization and deliver seamless experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

But the real value of Boomi is that it transforms you by transforming how you make information, interactions, and innovations flow faster.

With the combined power of all the services available on the Boomi Platform, you have all the tools you need to build a seamless user experience.

Boomi's pervasive intelligence, based on crowd-sourced metadata, lets you benefit from AI-powered configurations that speed implementations as well as greatly reducing risk.

And through the art of Boomi's engineering  — a cloud-native, distributed architecture designed for scale and resilience — you can address your data integration and management needs, and in turn, support your business goals and fuel your digital ambitions.

One tool, so many use cases. So yes, in the age of IT complexity, choose simplicity. Actually, always choose simplicity. In the words of the artist Leonardo da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

See for yourself how Boomi can help simplify your business and speed your digital transformation. Sign up for a free trial today.

About the Author

Kristina Avrionova is a senior product marketing manager at Boomi.

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