The Envelope Please. We have the Winners of the 2018 Boomi Blue Challenge!

March 1, 2019 Charles Waltner


When we launched the Boomi Blue Challenge at Boomi World in November 2018, we wanted our customers to share their "blue sky" success stories for building connected businesses.

What kind of competitive advantage did they gain by using Boomi to improve how their organizations access and share data? How did they modernize complex legacy systems that were holding them back? How did these projects improve the way their businesses worked? How did Boomi spur innovation?

Our customers had plenty of stories to tell. Across the globe, we received 33 submissions. All the projects were awesome and unique. Picking the best of the best was no easy task. :-)

Every transformation story is inspiring, but four stories particularly stood out in demonstrating how a company could use Boomi to quickly achieve extraordinary business results.

Origin Energy (APJ)
Transforming mobile workforce productivity and modernizing infrastructure to leverage IoT device data at the edge.

Origin Energy, a tier-1 energy provider in Australia, used Boomi to dramatically improve the productivity of thousands of its workers who operate and maintain gas facilities, pump lines and infrastructure across Origin's sprawling operations.

Origin's employees often work in remote locations with no reliable internet connection. Held back by old-school paper-based reporting, Origin needed a better way to gather operational data, schedule work efficiently, and gain real-time visibility into the activities of its far-flung workforce.

"With Boomi, we increased output and are now more agile. And we are seeing multi-million-dollar savings in the first year alone."

— Nigel Bull, a project manager, Origin Energy

Boomi made it possible for Origin to create a dynamic scheduling system for all work done in the field. The new integrated system greatly reduced the need for manual data entry, boosted productivity, improved operation of its facilities, and lowered costs. Most importantly, it helped Origin allocate its workforce more efficiently.

"With Boomi, we integrated 15 systems, removed the need for paper filing, and made it simple and quick for our workforce to provide reports," says Nigel Bull, a project manager with Origin Energy. "As a result, we increased output and are now more agile. And we are seeing multi-million-dollar savings in the first year alone."

But cost-savings was just one of several benefits that Boomi delivered, Bull says.

Using the Boomi platform, Origin can now easily integrate its extensive legacy systems with its new cloud infrastructure and IoT edge devices, laying the foundation for additional innovations and cost savings. Origin now runs faster, helping this Australian energy leader stay ahead of a swiftly-changing market.

Alleantia (EMEA)
Transforming how manufacturing organizations leverage data to deliver innovation

Boomi partner Alleantia is making it easy to transform IoT data into new insights, revenue streams and digital innovations.

Internationally known for its IoT software for smart manufacturing, the Italian company is helping its customers avoid downtime, boost productivity, ensure compliance and create new business models.

With Boomi, Alleantia is streamlining how manufacturing organizations integrate IoT data into their enterprise systems.

"Boomi is opening up all new possibilities for how manufacturers use their device data."

— Stefano Linari, chief executive officer, Alleantia

Combined with the Boomi platform, Alleantia customers have a complete system for processing device data and merging it into key business systems to generate new analytical perspectives and automated workflows.

The key to Alleantia's approach? Boomi. The Boomi Atom is the industry’s only integration runtime engine that can reside at the network edge (in edge gateways, for example) to process and filter device data locally before sending it to the enterprise network. This greatly reduces network loads from big data streams and prepares the data for easy integration with business operations.

The lightweight Boomi Atom runs on edge devices and talks with Alleantia's software, supported by Boomi's unique distributed integration architecture. With such intelligence permeating their factory systems, manufacturers can improve business operations and drive digital transformation initiatives.

"To make the most of the IoT, organizations need to easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways with existing enterprise applications," says Stefano Linari, chief executive officer for Alleantia. "Boomi makes this process far more efficient for our customers and is opening up all new possibilities for how manufacturers use their device data."

Brightline (USA)
Delivering extraordinary high-speed train traveler engagement and user experience

Brightline is redefining train travel for the Uber generation.

Running a high-speed, inter-city train along Florida's eastern coast, Brightline is the new benchmark for train travel in America. The company’s digital modernization work with Boomi and Boomi integration partner, Visual Integrator Consulting, has transformed the guest journey across all touch points.

"Boomi is at the center of our guest experience," says Jeff Schappert, senior vice president of technology at Brightline. "Boomi's low-code, cloud-native platform takes care of our data integration challenges so we can focus on taking care of our travelers."

Using the Boomi platform, Brightline designed an enterprise architecture that harnesses Boomi’s intrinsic capabilities to support omnichannel experiences and a 360-degree view of customer interactions.

"Boomi's low-code,  cloud-native  platform takes care of our data integration challenges so we can focus on taking care of our travelers."

— Jeff Schappert, senior vice president technology, Brightline

The premium rail service makes scheduling and booking a trip a seamless, consistent interaction across mobile devices, electronic kiosks, the ticket booth, and aboard the trains. 

In particular, Brightline is taking advantage of the Boomi platform's scalability, availability, resilience, process monitoring and security, Shappert says. Critically, Boomi cracked the code for how Brightline is able to modernize the integration layer between its customer interaction channels and its Navitaire reservation system.

Bringing a top-shelf customer experience to train travel is no easy feat. Rail companies need to operate efficiently, maintain safety, ensure consistent service quality, meet ever-demanding passenger needs, and achieve more with shrinking budgets. But with modern integration from Boomi, Brightline is meeting these challenges, exceeding industry expectations, and pioneering a new future for train travel in the U.S.

Intouch Insight (Canada)
Quickly closing the connection gap for multi-faceted SaaS integrations

Intouch Insight offers a customer experience platform that is a game changer in improving the customer experience, strengthening brand reputation and improving performance. Now Boomi is helping Intouch Insight transform these capabilities into a game-changing experience for its own business.

With Boomi seamlessly managing critical integrations of Intouch Insight's own platform with other mission-critical software, the company is able to provide much more robust and seamless reporting capabilities as part of its product.

"We had a capabilities gap," says Liam Duff, reporting and integration specialist at Intouch Insight. "Integration is not a core aspect of our product or our development team's expertise. But Boomi made that capability gap disappear."

"We had a capabilities gap. Integration is not a core aspect of our product or our development team's expertise. But Boomi made that capability gap disappear."

— Liam Duff, reporting and integration specialist, Intouch Insight

Integration connections that would have taken the company six to nine months to build only took weeks with Boomi, Duff says. Boomi supports Intouch Insight's advanced reporting capabilities by transferring data between five systems used by project teams.

Boomi processes the data in near real-time from the company’s Community platform, integrating it with Salesforce, Atlassian, WordPress, and an email distribution list that supports Exchange calendars. With Boomi, Intouch Insight increased agility, helped the sales team complete new deals, and reduced the engineering team's workload. Gap closed.

Transformation, Innovation and a Trip to London!

“It is inspiring to see the blue sky ways our customers are driving digital transformation to improve their organizations and their industries," says Chris Port, Dell Boomi's chief operations officer. "These are true digital leaders, and we are very proud to be their partner."

Boomi Blue Challenge 2018 winners will receive a complimentary trip to Boomi World Tour London, March 25-26, 2019, and a chance to participate in a main stage keynote focused on digital transformation.

Every day our customers face the Boomi Blue Challenge to find better ways to integrate their applications and data. Big congratulation to this year's winners!

This was the first year for the Boomi Blue Challenge. We'll start accepting submissions for the Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 on October 2, 2019. We can't wait!

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